I need scheduling / appointment service – #1

scheduling & appointments
Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

A long time ago I decided to develop an app from that time to today there has been so much ebb & flow. A few weeks ago I return back to my idea with a lot of procrastination I started detailing the required stack of the project.

When I detailed the project and try to understand what I need “the scheduling service” popped in. I look into freemium, premium, and self-hosted options. Freemium ones are was not cover the needs, premium ones are was really expensive and I couldn’t find a proper self-hosted option that I feel comfortable with. All of them either have bad APIs or too many features to handle just for creating appointments.

But you may want to check them out:

  1. cal.com
  2. calendly.com
  3. savvycal.com
  4. zcal.com
  5. easyappointments.org


I decided to write my own scheduling service from scratch as you know “There is nothing better than creating things from scratch to procrastinate hobby projects.” Also, I found a proper name for the project. I did the thing that I do for every garbage project that I started: I bought the domain name as well. But for now, I’ll not bring to light that name.

But I collected all freemium, premium, and self-hosted options and I used / I’ll use them to look into getting inside info to develop my own service.
There was one problem to solve first. The scheduling service required user service. And thanks to 0–1 gods my first project idea also needed user service as well and luckily I was already started to develop that. (it’s requiring a lot of things to complete but it’s better than nothing)

Of course, my development stack was pre-defined. Regardless I’ve to use my favorite tools.

  • Go Language
  • Nginx
  • Docker
  • MySQL — (For this I’m still not too sure about it. It may change in the future)
  • Let’s Encrypt
  • Redis
  • RabbitMQ

At some point, these things may change or may be removed from this list but for now, I know them and I’ll use them.


Note 0: I’m a mobile app developer, on my daily job I just do mobile development, and all the stack that I mentioned may not fit this project. I select these ones because I work with them otherwise I’ll procrastinate more and more to learn new stacks that most probably can’t be built and I’ll not finish anything.
Note 1: I’m not a native English speaker so all my post may have mistakes.
Note 2: I’m writing this devlog and I’ll try to write more because I want to put the responsibility on my shoulders.